​Pinot Noir

12" long x 9" wide x 9" tall

Kit Price: $43 with Free Shipping. 

This basket has a filled bottom base and features a unique handle.  The spiral pattern is produced using a two-color 5 rod whale.  The handle is created using #10 round with an Interlocking “V” knot.  It is secured to the basket with Cross Knots and Rice-Character Stitches

Email to order trista@basketuniversity.com


12" Diameter x 10" Tall

Kit Price: $48 with Free Shipping. 

This is a large bushel style basket that starts with a wooden base.  All weaving is done using chase weave with an emphasis on shaping.  The handles start with #10 round reed, which is then wrapped using #2 round.  These handles offer a nice highlight to this basket.

Email to order trista@basketuniversity.com

​William B.

15" diameter x 7" tall

Kit Price: $39 with Free Shipping. 

This is a classic Williamsburg basket.  The handle wrap instruction is for the Chinese Crown Knot.

Email to order trista@basketuniversity.com


Large: 9" Long x 2" Diameter

Mini (not pictured): 6" long x 1" diameter

Kit Price: $38 (large), $19 (mini) with $5 Shipping for as many kits as you want!

This is a fun project that makes a great gift.  Many color choices available.  Download order form to make your choices.

Basket Kits

Please email trista@basketuniversity.comto order.

​Screw It

12" long x 6" wide x 7" tall

Kit Price: $42 with Free Shipping. 

This is a functional wine carrier with an arrow weave at the top and bottom of the basket.  A variety of colors are available, please specify some preferences when ordering. This basket is embellished with a sheet of magnetic chalk board.  This basket will carry 2 bottles of your favorite wine and makes a wonderful gift.  Kit includes magnetic chalk board & cork screw.

Email to order trista@basketuniversity.com